We are The Leadership Factory and our bespoke, impactful, development programmes produce strong leaders, facilitate change and deliver real results for your business.

Let us inspire your team to flourish and support your leaders as they grow, to ensure your organisation can achieve sustained and long-term success.

It is always a pleasure to engage with an extremely professional training provider. The Leadership Factory strive to tailor and meet our training needs at a very high level which has been successfully transferred into our Management’s day to day activities and has added value to our bottom line. Some of those employees who have been trained by The Leadership Factory have been pinpointed as ‘talent’ for the future.

HR Advisor

Leadership Development

Leadership is essential in any business and only by developing, empowering and supporting the best leaders can your organisation produce the best results.

Business Strategy

We understand that identifying and implementing a strategy can be challenging, but we’re here to help you do just that.

Management Skills

Our bespoke management programmes are built around your senior, middle and first line managers to ensure the approach best fits the needs of your business.

Executive Coaching

Your middle management and leaders represent your future. Our executive coaching programme ensures your rising stars can help your organisation achieve its strategic goals.

Organisational Development

Our expert team knows how to improve your business structure and streamline production to maximise success.

Case Studies